The Q & Diamonds Announcement

Broker Generator  is super excited to announce the addition of a new service to their ultimate Real Estate Agent recruiting system. 

You get the service at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

The tried-and-true Broker Generator service that has mastered online employment marketing for the Real Estate Industry, now provides an amazing upgraded product called the Q!

The Q is live around the clock providing immediate responses to all of your leads.  This means more than ever, we are partnered to provide you with maximum success.

                     Diamonds are also another huge part of the Q.  The Diamonds will be sent to you whenever our team has a super great opportunity on the hook.  We will send you a text message with Diamonds and a link so you can take over the process from the Q Team.

Also, remember to move anybody that does not show up for the scheduled appointment to “MISSED APPOINTMENT” so that we can start our process all over again to get them back interested.

Designed by brokers for brokers, no real estate recruiting system provides measurable, guaranteed results like Broker Generator.